terribly twee

terribly twee
With yours truly, Steph Dee, from Vancouver, BC!

❤Frocks and Frills (OOtD)❤
❤Dress up! (Shopping links/Inspo Boards)❤

"Who knows the black-lace thoughts you think while shopping in a gingham frock?"

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Model wearing Claire McCardell’s pink and white striped dress photographed by Richard Rutledge. Vogue,1952 (via)

twerk-flavored-icecream whispered: You are so cute, you inspired me to make a YouTube a while ago and I want to continue it thank you ^^ 

Aw, yay! I’m so happy that you could find some inspiration for your videos from my humble tumbles! Keep up with them if you’re having fun and take care of yourself. xo



Tattoo done by Chad Lenjer.

I love this! 


oooooo waaaaant


Vogue, 1956


Three Japanese-American women pose for the camera at a wedding in Seattle, 1956. From espressobuzz.

Peenk glasses!